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Superstar Review

I'm a huge fan of SNL spin-off movies and Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell. In fact, much like Mary Katherine Gallagher, this film sparked my love affair with Will Ferrell. The 1999 film Superstar is a Saturday Night Live spin-off featuring everyone's favorite special education student, Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon). In this comedic spin-off, Mary Katherine Gallagher is an awkward teenage, Catholic school girl trying to survive at St. Monica High School. However, the self-professed ugly duckling has one big problem, she wants to be kissed, and she will do anything to get the kiss she desires.

Not just an Ordinary Kiss

Unlike some of her peers, Mary Katherine doesn't want just any ordinary kiss. Instead, the kind of kiss she desires is a knock-your socks off, curl your toes, soulful connection kind of kiss. To make matters more complicated, this over-the-top, Hollywood kiss can't be from just anybody. Instead, the object of Mary Katherine's desire is Sky (Will Ferrell). The only problem is Sky and Mary Katherine aren't in the same clicks. In fact, Sky may not even know Mary Katherine exists. To make matters worse, Sky's girlfriend, Evian (Elaine Hendrix), has made it her goal in life to make Mary Katherine's days at St. Monica High School very long and painful.

A Superstar is Born

After much self-pity and evil scheming, Mary Katherine decides the only way she will win Sky's heart is by becoming a full-blown Superstar. To accomplish her plan, she gets celebrity advice from her fellow special education students and Jesus, of course, and signs up for the school's annual talent show. Competing against her in the talent show is Sky and Evian, but Mary Katherine isn't worried. She is confident that after Sky and the dozens of other audience members see her perform, she will indeed become a superstar and get the mind-blowing kiss that she desires.

Why I Still Love Superstar Today

I first saw this movie over a decade and a half ago and I still love it today. You didn't have to be an SNL fan to follow the story and the pairing of Molly Shannon with Will Ferrell was and still is comedic genius. These two comedians will have you in stitches from the moment they grace the screen till the second before the credits roll.

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 Last updated on November 18, 2014

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Funken Wagnel profile image

Funken Wagnel 13 months ago

I know not everyone likes this movie, but I love it! Can't get enough of it. It's a total crack up

NicoleRM profile image

NicoleRM 14 months ago

Love this movie!

TJHousel profile image

TJHousel 14 months ago from NE Ohio Hub Author

@serendipity831: Thanks, Serendipity. This is my first RotD, so I am very excited. The tree licking scene is one of my favorites. My daughter is also a gymnast and a bit of a ham, so we also tease her about being a "superstar" like Molly Shannon.

serendipity831 profile image

serendipity831 14 months ago from Milwaukee, WI

Congratulations on RotD! This brought back memories of her licking the tree and the way she said 'Superstar' Lol

getmoreinfo 14 months ago

Will Ferrell is one of my favorite comedians too, I love his movies, very funny guy. Thanks for the review of SNL superstar.

TJHousel profile image

TJHousel 14 months ago from NE Ohio Hub Author

@sousababy: Thanks, Rose. It's my first RotD and I'm very EXCITED!

sousababy profile image

sousababy 14 months ago

Congrats, I read your review earlier and just found out you won RotD (Review of the Day)!

sousababy profile image

sousababy 14 months ago

Haaa, yeah, Molly Shannon really pulled-off the nerdy girl in Superstar (before Ugly Betty did). I loved Will Ferrell in it (as well as his Roxbury skits on SNL). Pinned, etc.

TJHousel profile image

TJHousel 14 months ago from NE Ohio Hub Author

@kristalulabelle: Thanks! I loved the list!

kristalulabelle profile image

kristalulabelle 14 months ago from Wisconsin

This movie has always made me laugh! Great review!

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    Tawnya (TJHousel),
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